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Vivilon Coatings has been committed for over 38 years to making Automotive, Marine & Aviation Clear Coatings with “Best in the Business” quality and performance for the restoration of Original Color and Shine on Automotive Paint or Fiberglass. In fact, we also make clear coatings for the restoration and protection for almost ALL other surfaces used in buildings, homes & signs. Our motto since 1979 has been “We Make Anything Old Look New Again”. If you want further information on any of these uses, see our parent site here (Attach link to www.vivilon.com)In 2011, we began to develop an easier to apply protective clear coating to not only restore color and gloss BUT also to correct imperfections in that surface. One that could reach the same “State of the Art” as our original clear coating tested and approved by the United States Air Force for ALL U.S. Armed Forces use as an effective alternate to complete repainting, as stated in a 4 year MEEP study concluded in 1994 (attach link to Air Force Report: http://vivilon.com/airforce1.html). We are the ONLY company that has been successfully tested to military standards.

Our ForeverNu was improved substantially last month with a unique sun blocking inhibitor of photo-oxidation process. Commonly referred to as coating oxidation which is reflected in paint, gelcoat and Filon panel fading & loss of gloss. Our  NEW AGAIN Formulations, (like ALL Vivilon coatings) now benefit from this revolutionary chemistry. Finally, both NEW AGAIN coatings contain an additional polymer that makes imperfections like scratches, scuffs, micro-cracking and swirls in the clear coat disappear, benefits from this  NEW AGAIN has the exact same proven Restoration and Protection performance technology as was tested by the United States Air Force from 1990-1994.