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Our Customers Love our Product

We strive for customer service.  Over the years we have had hundreds of happy customers.  Here is a sampling of what our customers have to say about our Product.

I have been a detailer here in Canada for quite some time. So, I wanted to check out your ForeverNu 3G to see if it was as good as you claimed. It was better. I am really amazed at the results. I followed the application instructions and the end result is extremely impressive. Makes my job so much easier. I’m going to try the ForeverNu Professional on boats, as soon as late April comes along.

John S. Toronto, Canada

Our faded, scratched, clear coat burned out trunk, roof and hood Ford was looking abysmal but I couldn’t afford having it resprayed. A detailer I took it to said he could do a cut and polish then a polishing job for $195. Then I happened across your website and found your ForeverNu claimed to be able to solve our problems and add a new layer of clear coat protection for that same $195. I decided it was worth a shot so I bought a pint. Application was quick and easy taking only about an hour but boy, what a change it made. The paint came back just like it had been sprayed with vibrant color and shine that had exceptional clarity. We just wanted you to know we’re thrilled with your solution.

After an accident, I had to get one fender repaired, resprayed and polished. But, the problem was he faded paint on other areas of the car became even more noticeable.  The ForeverNu application instructions seemed simple enough, so I purchased a Pint to see if I could restore my paint to the same color as the repainted fender.

I carefully followed i instructions to the letter and was absolutely amazed when the car was restored to the new fender’s color and gloss saving a ton of money.

Roger F. Spokane, WA

The transformation of our faded old golf cart was simply amazing. My friends thought i was having them on thinking I had really bought a new cart. The color and shine was spectacular. The application process was simple and easy to do. Took about 90 minutes to do the scrubbing, drying, (we went the extra step and clay barredit) and finally the actual hand application. At first, I thought I might have put too much on because it looked like it might run. But, I let it go and in about 15 minutes it self-leveled out and the finish was perfect. I am thrilled beyond words!

John S. The Villages, FL

Our fishing boat is a family treasure. I inherited it from my Dad and it has special meaning from all the happy times we shared taking her out. But, she was looking pretty sun faded and was looking her age. I didn’t have the money to pay a paint shop to respray it, so I took it to a friend’s detailer who he said was first rate. He had a new process that he said was used by the U.S. Navy to maintain their lifeboats and felt it would be just the thing I needed called ForeverNu Pro. So, when he told me the price 60% less than a respray with similar results, I said let’s do it. My god, it looked as good as when it was new siting on the dealer’s lot. The color and gloss were completely restored and he said it would stay that way for years rather than months with a high end wax. I showed it off to all my friends and the detailer has done two of their boats. Great product!

Rodney B. Savannah, Georgia