/New Again 4.0 – Pint

New Again 4.0 – Pint


1 Pint – 1 Full Size PU Truck or 2 Average Cars


New Again 4.0  protective polymer clear coat restoration process refinishes, rejuvenates, refurbishes, reconditions, and restores weathered, dull, oxidized, sun bleached, faded paint, fiberglass gelcoat, aluminum, EIFS (DryVit), copper, metals, vinyl siding,vinyl shutters, vinyl awnings, brick, plastics, decals and stainless steel (which isn’t so stainless).

New Again 4.0 virtually impermeable environmental shield provides unmatched weather protection to the color, finish, shine and aesthetic appearance by sealing out ultraviolet sun oxidation damage; acid rain or salt air corrosion; pitting, staining and discoloration of all metals; tarnishing of brass, copper or curtain wall metals; bird dropping stains; and, chemical, algae, mold, mildew and moisture contamination damage. New Again 4.0 insulates against temperature extremes of hot or cold, stops graffiti in its tracks, and prevents stain damage from acids, chlorine, diesel or fertilizer spills and more.


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