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About Us

Vivilon is the trade name of the BEST line of restorative protective coatings…bar none. Vivilon is in it’s fifth decade of developing the highest performing “state of the art” Clear Coatings in the world. It was one of the first to offer clear coatings on the World Wide Web ( the internet) where we are now in our third decade. In short, our NEW AGAIN products do not exist in a vacuum. In other words, this is NOT our first rodeo ūüôā

Starting as a manufacturer of a complete line of premium car detailing products and operator of high end auto detailing centers (example: while our competitors would do a complete detailing of a car for $35 Retail, our Wholesale price in 1978 was $150). We chose from the beginning to compete on providing the BEST, not the cheapest. We started the manufacture of a unique synthetic rubber rust proofing which provided not only the best rust preventative (far superior to the cheap asphaltic coating Ziebart used), but also had great sound deadening and temperature insulating properties. We used the same synthetic rubber compound to manufacture a white insulating roof coating for school buses, insulated trucks and commercial roofing called “Heat Chaser”. Also, a tire sealant called “Tread Guard” and the best lubricating engine oil additive called “Lubri-Can”. Slogan “Reduces Friction to a Fraction” and “Does What Other Lubricants CAN’T”. It increased mileage on cars & trucks from 8-12%. But, it was the introduction of Vivilon Classic that set the performance standard no other coating could surpass, even today. Vivilon is simply the BEST clear coating in the world!. But, don’t take our word alone. Read¬† the M.E.E.P. report of the United States Air Force reviewing their exhaustive 4 year test of Vivilon as an alternative to repainting with any other product (here insert link to Air Force report)

Vivilon Coatings is one of the oldest clear coating manufacturers in the world. Vivilon has been¬† developing coatings, especially clear coatings since 1979 that restore, refinish, rejuvenate, refurbish, renovate, revitalize and recondition even the most faded, oxidized, weather beaten, dull, chalky, sun bleached and just plain old looking surfaces to like new color and gloss. A dirt resistant finish (dirt, love bugs, & grime can’t stick to it) so it stays looking clean and shiny and¬† just needs¬† a water hose rinse to keep a spectacular finish for years to come! And, Never needing to Wax again…what could be better? We are very proud of our motto, We¬† Make ANYTHING Old Look NEW Again!

We Restore, Perfect & Protect your finish Easier, Quicker & More Effectively than ANY other system.¬† To paraphrase Lee Iacocca, “If you can find a better coating, Buy It!”. NEW AGAIN 4.0 and NEW AGAIN PRO follow along in the world class reputation of ALL Vivilon products.

Oh, one other thing remains. How, did we come up with the name¬†VIVILON. Vivi in Latin means being alive. Vivi-long didn‚Äôt have the right sound to it, so we shortened it to¬†VIVILON…to mean being Alive for a Long time!¬† Our product restores a long life to the things it protects. And, Now you know the rest of the story.